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Bhoj Tech Participated in AAHAR

The International Food & Hospitality Fair Aahar-2019

Read Blog March 11,2019
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An App Will Change The Way People Search For Food/Restaurant

The restaurant business is changing fast. It is different from what it used to be. The food quality has always been the topmost preference from the customer’s perspective. Over the years it is being observed that the food quality and prompt delivery system go hand in hand as far as the customers’ priority is concerned. Here it is what can be done in order to stay tuned with the technological changes.

Read Blog Aug 31,2018
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Want to Set Up or Scaling Up Restaurant? You Need To Read This First

Eating out has become a trend for the youngster. For some, it is a compulsion. A couple of decades back the restaurant culture was for the elite class of the society. Soon it became the hub of spending some quality time for couples and middle-class families too. That is why the restaurants in India is opening almost everywhere in cities. Due to intense competition the new entrance even the established one need to look up so many things.

Read Blog Aug 20,2018

How to increase sales in a restaurant business

Any business success is measured by sales, revenue and profit. No matter, how well your restaurant is running, the urge to increase sales remains always on the top of your mind. Here is the solution to how to increase sales in a restaurant business.

Read Blog Aug 3,2018
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भुट्टे की इन्दौरी स्नैक्स

मानसून आते ही भुट्टे का सीजन शुरू हो जाता हैं | इंदौर में भुट्टे का उपयोग कई प्रकार के चटपटी स्नैक्स बनाने में किया जाता हैं | इनका स्वाद लाजवाब हैं | इनकी गार्निशिंग और खुशबू भी मुँह में पानी लाती हैं | अगर आप इस मानसून इंदौर या उसके आस-पास की ट्रिप जैसे मांडू- महेश्वर, उज्जैन, ॐकालेश्वर की ट्रिप प्लान कर रहें हैं तो भुट्टे की बनी इन स्नैक्स का आनंद जरूर लें |

Read Blog July 20,2018

Trending Foods of Indore

Being the largest city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is becoming the hub of education institutes and industries. The city is booming in the services, thus creating the better job opportunities. The cost of living compared to other cities is nearly half. Availability of quality food at an economical cost is one of the key factors. The city is full of food lovers.

Read Blog July 3,2018

Bhoj - A Food App for Modern Life Style

More people are moving to the urban area because urban area/Cities offer better career along with good infrastructure, healthcare, education facility. But City life is hectic. It demands people to work hard to survive. People work long hours during the weekdays. They find it difficult to find time for cooking. Bhoj app is a great solution for these people.

Read Blog June 22,2018

Indian Cuisine Can Never Lose Its Appeal Over Other

There has been a cultural and behavioral change in eating tendency in the world. Indians love to explore different food option not only for satisfying their hunger but also for pleasure. Indian food menu is something that is filled with a large number of varieties. Generally it is colorful, mouth-watering, hot and spicy in most of the Indian restaurants. Cuisines from different countries are also popular in India. Here you are going to read the reasons why there is nothing like Indian food.

Read Blog June 04,2018

Artificial Intelligence The Solution For Challenges In Restaurant Business

Whenever you go out for dinner your surrounding atmosphere does make a great difference. Sometimes you wonder how the restaurant management system works. Apparently, it looks quite simple. On the contrary, it has never been easy. Let’s found out why a powerful restaurant management software is needed for the restaurant.

Read Blog May 14,2018
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