Restaurants management system

BHOJ Restaurant Management System is an end-to-end solution for Restaurants. The system helps in managing and controlling all the business activities that take place in a restaurant on daily basis

Why Bhoj RMS?

images Different User Interface

BHOJ RMS enables restaurant digitally. The software provides the different user interface for different staff members such as Caption, Manager/Admin, Cashier etc. The software facilitates better functioning of staff and improves their efficiency. From accepting orders on tablet/mobile to e-KOT generation, and bill payment through wallet or cards, BHOJ automates entire restaurant operation. The owner can supervise all the activities anytime and from anywhere on internet. BHOJ RMS provides a number of reports. These include Sales related reports, Inventory related reports, Input cost report, etc.

imagesEfficient KOT Management

BHOJ RMS can simultaneously generate KOT to captain, cashier and kitchen supervisor. Therefore, the system speeds up the food order and delivery process by reducing the manual intervention. A Single table can be split into two or more, in case different customers are using the same table in rush hours. This improves utilization of the available seats and increases revenue for the restaurants. BHOJ RMS will generate separate KOT and Bill for different customers sitting on same table at the same time

imagesAffordable Cost

Days are gone when the use of technical products used to cost a fortune. Bhoj is economical that makes it affordable for small restaurant outlets too.

images Create Multiple Point Of Sale (POS)

Using BHOJ, you can create as many POS within the restaurant. POS systems can be expensive. BHOJ RMS has inbuilt POS software. It can convert your existing computer to POS. It enables touchscreen functionality and provides all the features of any standard POS, that too without any extra cost.